Tal and welcome to the first issue of The Gorean Quarterly.

        I have to admit that it is with great personal joy and pleasure that I write the first  Editorial for this Gorean experiment. It is an experiment which is intended to be a continual source of Gorean thought, knowledge, and understanding on a tri-monthly basis. But also a Gorean experiment in that it is resting on the contributed works of Goreans to help observe, analyze and define the finer threads of Gorean philosophy and living, and publish these findings for those so interested.

        One of the major factors that has been missing when it comes to Gorean interaction in past years has been a neutral common ground for this work; a place where any so interested could share thoughts and views on life and matters of a Gorean origin. It is in support of this hope that the Quarterly will contribute to develop and hopefully expand. It is with this hope that this very webzine will succeed and prosper.

        We hope to achieve success creating such a place outside of the various Gorean forums or meeting places where Goreans comes together; to have it prosper by giving us both a focal and vocal point, a point united, where Goreans, or any interested in understanding Goreans, can come to gain knowledge or insight on how to live outside of the books and in the common reality of everyday life. It is also (in a small way) an attempt to try to peel back the curtain of any would be "Wizard of Gor" to reveal what is actually there. To let anyone see, unhindered and in the open, without any slight of the hand, what Gorean philosophy is really about, and how we combine it into our own lives.

        It is with this goal in mind that we have created this experiment. It sure provit is indeed an interesting  experiment to behold and an interesting project.

        This combined effort will be a compilation and culmination of the thoughts of various Goreans, free and slave alike, who come together from various  backgrounds and venues to open their hearts and minds and teach others what they have learned. In that way, each contributes on his or her own merit and in his or her own words to the this collection of thoughts. John Norman himself has so fittingly called his creation of Gor "the Gorean Experiment"... and we are all taking part in that experiment, every second of our lives. By behaving, thinking, and living as Goreans; and by understanding, talking, and sharing what it means to be Gorean, each from our own perspective.

Norman's experiment began in 1966 with a book called "Tarnsman of Gor," and now, 29 books and 45 years later, it is still being questioned, explored and defined, but most of all, lived. It has been and continues to be rigorously tested, under the duress and clashes of everyday life amidst our modern civilization, by men and women who have found something true which speaks deeply to them within those pages.

        Here, now, is another extension of the Gorean experiment: a new webzine. Standing on its own, yet part of a bigger whole. A new opportunity to analyze and derive fresh conclusions from the Gorean variable. If worthy, it may take on a life of its own and serve Gor anew.

        So, Ta-Sardar-Gor, let the experiment begin.

        I wish you well,

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