We will live each day, regardless of the activity in which we are engaged, mindful of the foundations and pillars of our philosophy. We will understand our place in nature and society, be honest with ourselves, and utilize our strengths to maximum advantage. We will choose our obligations with moral justice and maintain the courage to fulfill those obligations despite personal cost. In this way, we will constantly set the example.

        Even as we make our philosophy a part of our daily lives, we know that it is a dynamic thing. We therefore seek to continuously explore and expand our knowledge of the Gorean philosophy. We will do so by rigorous examination and critical analysis, while remaining open to diverse points of view. We will seek to exchange knowledge with those who share our earnest and respectful desire for interaction in places of our own creation or choosing. Such gathering points, be they material or virtual, electronic or face to face, will be places where Goreans can communicate and interact in a manner consistent with our beliefs.

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