Unto each of us lies our own truth. Facts, and not truth are all that is definite. Truth in itself wears many faces; as "truth" is viewed through various forms of  personal reality, it, in turn may have dissimilar visualizations.

         As the events unfold that influence our lives each of us will be effected differently  and in turn we often will have alternative perceptions as to what can be envisioned as  "the truth of the matter." Our perceptions are often manipulated by various effects, such as gender, maturity, egotism, geo-political or social status as well as one's own hidden agendas. While this list is far from complete it gives you reference as to my direction.

         With all this being said I suspect that we should pay much closer attention to  definition and reference when discussing philosophical objectives. When one speaks of  being true to one's nature or being true to one's honor , we would be wise to remember  that our truth may not always be envisioned as such to others, and rightly so. For without substantial facts to support a hypothesis, any premise is merely speculative  and open to both support as well as ridicule. We should never be offended by valid  criticism or legitimate questioning. In fact we should utilize such opportunities to  better understand ourselves as we are hopefully able to provide clarity to others.  It  is most often unrestrained egotism that lashes out at credible inquiry.

         A wise man will be able to step back and examine all perspectives with an open heart  and  an open mind. To simply accept a fact as being true because it best suits one's  own perspective or some present state of reality would be foolish at best. What I've  discovered over the years is that as my perspectives evolve and sometimes reconfigure,  my concept of certain truths may also be revised. So while the fact may have remained  consistent my understanding of it may have been altered thereby establishing a new perspective on "truth"……. at least for me.

        Experience is often man's most effective and expensive instructor and it is our  personal experiences that provide us with our understanding of the truth.  So as you  seek your Gorean Truth remember that within any philosophy should be a path to  individual understanding, self reliance, personal conviction and hopefully clarity of  purpose. Now to assume that the legitimacy of a Gorean Philosophy would be spelled out  and easily discovered without effort on your behalf would go against all that this  philosophy conveys.

        It should be noted that in the pages of Gor existed a vast assortment of man and  beast, and yes even within the nature of the beast can the truth of certain things be  defined. But, discovering what it might "truly" mean to espouse yourself as Gorean  could certainly be ambiguous; at least initially. As I read through the books a common  theme as to what defined a "good" man as opposed to a "not so good" man remained rather  consistent. Though both would have been Gorean by birth, at least in most cases, it  seems obvious enough to me that they were not both found to be of Gorean Metal as  defined within the author's philosophical perspective; hence through this we might find   just what could be viewed as the essence of Gorean Character.

        To simply imply that to be Gorean is to be good, noble and honorable would be short- sighted and ill-informed.  The Gorean condition is comprised of many brands of  character, there are Scribes, Warriors, Players, Builders, Thieves, Assassins, Bakers,  Fishermen, Torturers and so on. Each caste has it's own codes and it's own  representations of personal truths. It imply that it is dishonorable to steal and yet  maintain the idea of a caste that does just that would be duplicitous. Now while many  castes would not steal the concept of stealing itself can be influenced by perspective.  In a society where good and evil nearly always are in balance or struggling to achieve  as much, what would seem to some as a ghastly quality would in fact be a virtue to  others.

        Does the thief not serve to keep the storekeeper attentive and on guard for life's  little surprises. Does the Assassin not remind us that not everyone will have affable  intent? Therefore we remain vigilant, not to mention, we will be more wary of our  deeds.

        While life, or more precisely, nature does intend for the stronger to move forward;  and as it intends that the weak succumb to the strong in order to promote a better  chance for the survival of a given species, to imply a clear cut truth governs this  process would be entirely to simple minded. So while stating as much it seems  significant to consider that the characterization of the term strong is another concept  where it's legitimacy is shaded by environment, perspective, function and  purpose. To  imply that swinging a sword, social adaptation, being quick with your tongue, a master  of camouflage, skilled with a craft, possessing a high degree of intellect, being the  most speedy, able to scale a tree or any other singular expertise could define someone  or something as the most fit would demonstrate a limited range of consideration for  certain truths.

        As we live our daily lives we often encounter examples of truthful misconceptions. A  husband will often see things differently than his wife, his idea of stopping for an  important late day meeting and her idea of stopping for a beer are not always  concurrent; while her idea of fashion discretion is to him merely another pair of  shoes. It also seems as though it would be simple for two that have chosen to support  one another to agree on the concept of child rearing, we all know this is not always  the case. The truths that each draws from that governs how we see ourselves and what  made us the people we are does not always match, if fact as time marches on many of the  truths we thought to be iron clad will take new shape and definition, so how we see  ourselves today may possibly change as we grow older and hopefully wiser.

        It seems sure enough to me that these same principles apply to our experiences with  co-workers, employers and various other associates, not to mention the average stranger  on the street. So as we travel along our individual journeys it seems important to me  that we remain conscious of the perspective of any and all truths, that we do not hold  to unbending of a stance as to the self importance of our own versions of life's  truths. 

        Good luck and until next time I raise a thought, Be Well.

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